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My 2022 New Year's Resolutions (From a Teletherapist)

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

This is probably the first time that I publicly shared my New Year's resolutions. I sometimes feel that if I keep them private, then any lack of follow-through on my part will also remain private. :) Any growth can be an inherently uncomfortable process, and one of my goals is to challenge myself to grow comfortable with that discomfort. Below, I’ve identified a few simple and not-so-simple resolutions that I plan to commit to for the year of 2022. Wish me luck!

Read a Few Books Per Month

I love using my local library. However, lately I feel that I haven’t been reading as much as I would like! During December I took some time off for the holidays. Since I didn’t have to work and we had a lot of rainy weather outside, I decided to spend many hours reading an ebook in bed. A comforting book, in a cozy bed, with a cup of warm tea… it felt like the best self-care!

Travel More…While Staying Safe

As of this writing, we are currently dealing with a Covid (Omicron) surge. During the holiday season, many flights were delayed or cancelled. I’ve also heard of many folks whose own holiday plans were postponed or cancelled due to a Covid diagnosis.

Every year I’ve been intending to travel more. However, safety comes first, and I figure that one of the safest forms of traveling at this time is by acting like a tourist in my own area. A few ideas include:

  • Going on hikes close to my area; go outdoors to local parks

  • Checking out local museums

  • Eating delivered food from local restaurants

  • Taking photos of a sunrise/sunset

  • Checking out travel books from the library

  • Taking a virtual tour of any place outside of the area

Eat Healthier

I know. I groan internally when I read “eat healthier” as yet another New Year's resolution. I also know that it’s such a broad goal that may look different for everyone. In my case, I’m trying to better manage my endometriosis while also being more mindful about the food I consume. Many of the recommendations I’ve come across involve an anti-inflammatory diet so that symptoms (such as chronic pain) may be better managed. Some specific action steps include:

  • Create a meal plan each week

  • Cook at least 2-3 anti-inflammatory recipes per week

  • Keep nourishing snacks available, such as hard boiled eggs, almonds, berries, etc.

  • Limit dining out to special occasions (and try to review the restaurant menu to identify anti-inflammatory options)

  • Enjoy treats that have antioxidants, such as dark chocolate and green tea

Expand on Professional Development

I experienced MANY career changes during 2021. I quit my old job and took another one at a completely different company. I shifted entirely to teletherapy work (yay to having no commute!). I attended more (online) networking events, thanks in large part to remote work. Professional challenges help me to keep my skills from plateauing and to combat burnout. Some action steps I’ve identified include:

  • Post on my site at least monthly to hone my writing skills and to connect with fellow therapists.

  • Create therapy worksheets for therapists and for those attending therapy.

  • Attend 1-2 trainings this year in an area that I’ve never been trained in, such as EMDR or Financial Therapy.

  • Ask for a raise during my performance review. (A scary step!)

  • Start offering private session slots (approximately 3 per week).

  • Join a professional organization; attend at least one professional networking event.

  • Explore consulting opportunities.


Question for readers: What are some of your New Year's resolutions? What are your plans for sticking with them or for “correcting course” when you get off track?

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